Nat Sherman (Fifth Ave. NY) overcharged me $120.31 on Aug 2010

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I went to Nat Sherman (Fifth Ave. NY) to buy 2 boxes of Suave LaGuardia cigars ($87.50 each box) on August, 2010. The correct price in total is $198.15 including the sales tax and the New York state tobacco tax.

However the salesperson overcharged me $120.31 and took in total $318.46. He said this was because of the '47% New York state tobacco tax'. I went back home in Europe and found out that the correct New York state tobacco tax is 4.35%.

The salesperson working at Nat Sherman was Adam (it is in the credit card receipt). He was 5'10'' tall with dark brown hair. With his trimmed beard he reminded me very much of James Lipton from 'Inside the Actor's Studio' TV program.

Review about: Suave Laguardia Cigars.

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